Is Google Better than Bing?

Google-LogoAnswer: It’s a tie!

Before we start asking proper questions, it’s worth solving one basic debate. Is Google the best search engine to use?

The contest boils down to an epic struggle between two titans of search. In one corner we have Google, the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world – guardian of the secrets of the internet. But could the old champ be getting complacent and out of shape.

In the other corner is the young, punchy, upstart pretender from Microsoft. Bing. Full of ambition and reminding everyone who will listen that in blind tests people preferred it, this is a real challenge to the crown.

And off to the side, holding the drinks is Ask Jeeves. We thank it for turning up.

The top question on Google is this site from who I fear might have got their SEO working well and could be a common sight on this blog.

Among the comments are the claim that Bing performed well in blind tests (but we suspect their might have been a representative from Bing adding this in). Others point out that Bing comes from Microsoft, which is, in Geek terms, the evil empire. So regardless of any merits you can’t use it without somewhere down the line making Bill Gates just a little bit richer.

There are other sites, further down the scale in which genuine hard core tech geeks attempt to produce extensive tests into the merits of one versus the other. It all seems a bit indepth to me and I don’t really understand it.

In my own basic tests, both tend to perform pretty well and which one I use tend to be down to how I’m feeling at any one time.

But there is one difference – and I’m told it comes down to searching for the one thing that the internet is loved for more than anything – filth.

I’m told this by one of my dirtier minded friends who advises me to test it by plugging into the search field ‘woman on horse.’ While Google politely delivers pictures of women engaged in the popular sport of horse riding, Bing takes a different approach.

I typed the same phrase into Bing and waited a while as my filth monger of a friend watched on expectantly.

A few minutes went by and then…. “Oh holy crap!”

All I’ll say is that the women Bing decided to produce were hopelessly ill attired for equestrian activities. While a couple could be described as ‘riding horses’ it wasn’t the kind that would get you into the Olympics.

So – there you have it. If you want filth, go to Bing. Otherwise it’s much of a muchness. The result, then, is a tie and in the event of a tie – the final decision goes to me, as the author and final judge.

And my judgement is…. Google wins – for the very reason that the name of this blog ‘Ask Google’ sounds better to my ears than ask Bing.

PS. In the interests of fairness I asked Bing this question and it produced an article which suggested Bing was indeed a little better. However, I still can’t get those horse images out of my mind, so Bing will always be a little tainted for the time being….. sorry Bing.


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