Welcome to a bold experiment in which we’ll try to find definitive answers to some of life’s great imponderables. So, if you’ve wanted to know whether there is a god, the meaning of life and so on, you’ll find the answers here.

And how are we going to find them? By asking Google.

We live in a world of almost infinite information. In the internet we have an amazing tool which contains almost all the accumulated wisdom of mankind. That we use it largely to find pictures of cats or new and innovative forms of porn speaks volumes about our collective state of mind.

However, choosing what to believe when we read it is difficult. We have become a global society of citizen journalists in which we’re all happy to take our radical, ill formed, opinions and spinning them out into the ether. Even professional journalists are no immune, indeed our own ability to ignore facts in search of our story never fails to impress.

Even so, with millions upon millions of random thoughts echoing through the virtual world, you can’t help but think somewhere in there lurks the definitive truth. It’s the same principal as giving enough monkeys enough paper and time in the hope that sooner or later you’ll get the complete words of Shakespeare. Smarter people than me tend to call it the ‘wisdom of crowds’.

The trouble is, wading through all the filth until we reach that true gem of truth. Fortunately we have a guardian of all this information in the form of Google. This plain speaking search engine knows nothing of bias, greed or lies – it only deals in definite facts. When asked a question it searches through the infinite wastes of information until it finds that, in its cold mathematical mind, represents the truth.

So what this blog will do is pump various questions into Google and decide that whatever comes out must be the truth – whether we like it or not.

Now there is the possibility that some of these questions, especially the ones with a more religious theme, might cause controversy. If you do read one, and you don’t like the answer, then please don’t blame me. Google knows everything…

… which means you’re wrong. Sorry.


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